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What Happened To Alexia’s Son Frankie

What Happened To Alexia’s Son Frankie

In the annals of reality television, there are few stories more riveting than the real-life drama faced by one of the breakout stars of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Alexia Echevarria, and her son, Frankie Rosello. Before the show’s Season 2, a devastating car accident left Frankie’s life taking a dramatic turn, and fans were left asking, “What happened to Alexia’s son Frankie?”

Before the accident, Frankie Rosello was an outgoing young man who was full of life and recognized for his spirit by entrepreneurism.

They co-owned one successful nail salon and waxing center in Surfside, FL, which was called “Alexia and Frankie’s Beauty Bar.” But all of these dreams and everything that had been built together came to an end when Frankie was the victim of a very strong car accident. He fell into a coma for three anguishing months. The accident shook not only the Echevarria family but also all around that “Real Housewives” community. As Frankie struggled for life, Alexia Ejson makes a dreadful decision to take a while off from the show and focus on her son’s recovery.

For months, Frankie battled against the odds, showing incredible strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

But the journey for Frankie finished not in the hospital—three long months in a coma and another three months for intensive rehabilitation. Frankie defied odds and made an overwhelming recovery. His progress left doctors astonished; that sometimes determination and love make it happen even if everything seems otherwise.

As Frankie improves, his story will continue to inspire one to take note of the power of the human spirit. He is going through unimaginable suffering, yet he is still determined to take on life each day with full appreciation and resilience. In the meanwhile, Alexia Echevarria had her own trials and triumphs. When she split up with husband Herman Echevarria in 2015, Alexia later found love again with Todd Nepola.

Come December 2019, the two confirmed their engagement; two years down the line, the saying “I do” had been successfully executed among family and friends who had gathered for their union by December 2021.

In light of Frankie’s recovery and a very personal journey, Alexia has been a tower of strength for her family. Through her unrelenting love and support, Frankie is whole again, and their bond is growing stronger every day. Frankie’s story speaks to the resilience, love, and family that prop up life, truth be told for “The Real Housewives of Miami,” which reportedly is slated to produce new episodes on streaming service Peacock at a time when its new life has never been higher.

His sensational comeback gives an inspiring bright ray of hope to all that have gone or are currently going through some adversities. It just reminds everybody that, for sure, miracles do happen. Catch all the drama with Frankie Rosello, getting updates on his journey only on The Real Housewives of Miami at Pejsonic. Make sure to follow Alexia Echevarria on socials to get the scoop. The incredible saga of Frankie, Alexia’s son, goes on to prove that in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.