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What happened to ben kissel

What happened to ben kissel

Ben Kissel Makes Comeback After Hiatus for Health Reasons

The hosts of the massively popular comedy/paranormal podcast The Last Podcast on the Left were missed by many fans last September, as co-host Ben Kissel went abruptly missing from new episodes. After weeks of speculation surrounding the sudden absence from the air, the trio finally came clean on Kissel’s departure; Parks and Zebrowski took an indefinite leave of absence from the show to focus on their mental and physical health.

News, then, that comes as something of a shock to listeners who have grown so accustomed to Kissel’s boisterous persona and quick wit beside Parks and Zebrowski. His contributions were central to a large part of what the show is and has brought Last Podcast such acclaim from its dedicated fan base. Eight months later, Kissel has finally broken his silence.

In a candid interview on the podcast, the podcaster admitted to having checked into rehab over alcohol abuse following years of depression and anxiety. “I was in a really dark place, and I knew I needed to get help before it was too late,” Kissel admitted.

“Walking away from the show was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it allowed me to really concentrate on my recovery.”

This was the original thought with Kissel: once he was feeling better, he would be back. In February, Parks and Zebrowski reported he had officially left “Last Podcast on the Left.” They had hope for a return one day but understood him to be elsewhere and wanted to concentrate on his health and family. They can follow him slowly opening back up to any news of where his career takes him next at (Ben Kissel Twitter, Ben Kissel Instagram). And “The Last Podcast on the Left” continues with new co-host Ed Larson joining Parks and Zebrowski.