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What Happened To Brimsleys Lover

What Happened To Brimsleys Lover

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” part of the story arc of the Netflix megahit series, tells of an offhand, incredibly high-stakes love affair between Charlotte’s besotted assistant, Brimsley, and Reynolds, the king’s secretary. Really, it is that the rarefied love story’s thrusts withstand the rigors of societal constraints, the audience has to say.

Brimsley’s ultimate fate was left rather ambiguous, with a haunting flash-forward from that final season placing him in the very surroundings of a dance hall where he is seen to have been dancing all by himself, leading fans to speculate whether his lover Reynolds had passed on or they had broken the relationship. But finally, showrunner Shonda Rhimes has set the record straight about the buzzy plot point.

In fact, Rhimes recently revealed on the radio that there is indeed a completely cut scene of Brimsley running into an older Reynolds later on down the line. That sure says something about their love; if they couldn’t say it, it probably never went away. “I didn’t want to leave the impression that they died or stopped loving each other,” Rhimes said.

While a tragic ending would’ve seemed to make sense, given the country’s past in that regard – it does have harsh laws against homosexuality, after all – Rhimes didn’t want to leave things on that sad of a note. She left open the opportunity for Reynolds’ back through telling that the character is alive should continue. “We didn’t want to leave it in a sad way,” she said.

For the LGBTQ+ community and its allies alike, this will mean their respective identities start to be captured with depth and sophistication, ideally within the trappings of a period drama. Their romance, then, is one of inescapable suffering, since Brimsley and Reynolds were both oppressed, their bond outlived brutality.

In the meantime, with new projects in the sprawling Bridgerton-verse littering Netflix, any fan can only look to hope that these two lovers star-crossed get a chance to revisit their story with more depth. The one strong message across the show until now has been the tenacity of love under all conditions.