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What Happened To Chase Oon Fixer To Fabulous

What Happened To Chase Oon Fixer To Fabulous

Chase Looney’s Return After Hiatus: What Happened to Him on Fixer to Fabulous

Any casual viewer of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” would be sure to notice one missing name: the charismatic firefighter-turned-renovator Chase Looney, who has not appeared in the show since 2022. From ‘Fixer to Fabulous,’ where is Chase? Many fans ask that very question, so let’s address a couple of recent updates.

Viewers have missed greatly since his last appearance in Season 4, Episode 1, back in November 2022. And, as it is usual, speculations have been rife, questions lingering more so since he literally walked out on the show. But before we get into that, let’s wind back a bit.

The journey of Chase Looney in “Fixer to Fabulous” was anything but motivational and inspiring. Starting as a fireman and then moving into the arena of house-flipping, he was passionately and devotedly attached with fans through his lively spirit. However, this 2021 brought with it personal problems when he decided to separate from his wife Chelsie, which somewhat complicated his life more when trying to balance the busy agenda that he already had.

By 2023, the absence of Chase had become more conspicuous. But he lay very low since parting from the show, keeping his Instagram account empty, not putting up any content. And for March 2021 to December 2022, it stayed that way for those nine months—two more years without activity, leaving his fans a little lost when it came to knowing anything about his life.

He confirmed his departure in January 2023, which then became apparent why he is not seen in the show. His departure had reasons covered in mystery, due to which there was lots of speculation and wondering in the viewer’s eyes. But one thing was sure in that mystery: Chase was needed in the show.

But when everything seemed to be out of reach and lost hope for his fans, from the horizon, there appeared some ray. In January 2023, Chase posted the photos of a family trip where he was together with his two children, meaning that they began a new life way after the breakup with Chelsie. The images offered a glimpse into his personal life and hinted at a newfound sense of optimism.

In fact, he did not directly address his absence up until June of 2023. Taking to Instagram to respond to a comment from a fan, he did not mince his words as he said there was no chance of him coming back to Fixer to Fabulous. It was such a revelation that definitely had many of his fans who were holding out hope after the news of his exit.

But in all disappointment, there still remains an aspect of hope that indeed, in a brighter future ahead. Perhaps that is just what resilience is made of—the passion of Chase for renovation—that’s enough to keep bursting through, offering hope for another season with the impact he has always made on the show and its viewers. His going away left a gap, and it can only be hoped for the day he will make his way back to work with Jenny and Dave Marrs again.

As for what exactly happened to Chase on “Fixer to Fabulous,” the details remain elusive. One week after shooting the pilot episode, Chase got into an accident where he had a really bad eye injury. This occurred during the setup of a 4th of July firework display when he had a tube of fireworks explode in his face. His injuries after the collision led him to an eight-hour surgery, among his personal and professional challenges.

Eventually, the journey of Chase Looney on “Fixer to Fabulous” has been nothing short of a highlight reel: wins, losses, and everything in between.

So, walking out from the show did leave his fans with lingering questions, but his persistence and determination leave no doubts about the kind of person he is.

As we look forward and stand on our tippy toes, one thing for certain is that Chase’s great contributions toward the home-renovation world will never be forgotten, as the legacy of much more than his lifetime will be the effect. To learn more and follow Chase Looney in real time, visit his profiles on Instagram and Twitter. This article was written with the sole aim of shedding some light on the latest happenings Chase Looney has had on “Fixer to Fabulous,” answering all the questions that the big fan base of this reality TV show had.