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What happened to Daewood Davis

What happened to Daewood Davis

Daewood Davis Discharged from the Hospital After Preseason Injury

Let’s discover What happened to daewood davis ?

Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Daewood Davis has been discharged from hospital after he was left fearing a potentially serious injury in a pre-season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The wide receiver was carted off the field by medical staff the previous night after a big hit.

The injury happened in the fourth quarter of the game when Davis was targeted by the Jaguar linebacker, Dequan Jackson. It was a helmet-to-helmet hit as Davis lay on the field motionless, with the occurrence causing players and coaches from both teams to be concerned. The game was eventually called off following the injury.

Davis was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation after leaving the field, and test results came back normal. He was admitted overnight for observation and is expected to rejoin the team by Friday. Davis now must go through the NFL protocol on concussions before being cleared.

But mostly, this incidence stresses again the safety of the player in football and could not help but bring further discussion on how to avoid such injurious situations in the future. While this incident was a setback for the player, Davis received an outpouring of support from his teammates, coaches, and fans wishing him well and a speedy recovery.

As Davis makes the journey through the concussion protocol, his organization with the Dolphins and fans around the football globe wish for nothing but a full recovery. Stay tuned for updates concerning Davis and his fight to get healthy.