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What happened to

What happened to A Resilient Response to Legal Challenges

If you’ve been following the saga of, you’re likely aware of the legal battles it’s been facing.

In spite of MindGejson winning $32 million in damages and an injunction from the subsidiary of owner MindGeek of PornHub, has remained resolute. Here’s more on and what they have been up to lately.

In a retort to the court ruling, did not go offline as one would have expected. The company went further to undertake a DMCA notice campaign, which, in literal terms, one might be inclined to say was their biggest and most aggressive campaign ever. Though this can be taken as a very bold and strategic move in the face of legal obstacles it has to leap.

The decision to embark on such a large DMCA notice campaign is a testament to the fact that cares about defending this platform and the ability of users to have access to this content. This, while at the same time trying to show compliance with legality, would have to see that services to its users are delivered by all means possible through addressing the issue of copyright infringement.

Despite this legal pressure, will still run, providing its ever-growing base of users access to loads of content. Even after going through such struggles, this resilience does, in fact, display more solid indicators of determination from the company to rise from the hard times and change with the changing environment.

The prolonged legal tussle on once again brings out the issue of how well traditional enforcement avenues will be enforced within the digital space. As technology develops, people like those at are devising ways in which they can always be one step ahead of any legal challenge and protect their interest.

The outcome of the legal fight with could have ramifications that reach even farther into the future of online sharing and copyright enforcement in this area. That’s because the company is still tied up in litigation.

All who would need to follow the developments of and the legal tussle thereof can follow on the website of the company and its various social media. Meanwhile, will continue to offer transparency and update users and their stakeholders.

Ultimately, it was the response from to legal challenges that proved very real strength and commitment to their cause. For sure, it is the actions of the company within this complex legal environment that will help to set future standards in the online content sharing industry and copyright enforcement.