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What Happened To Dale Robertson’s Horse Jubilee : A Tale of Bond and Tragedy

What Happened To Dale Robertson’s Horse Jubilee : A Tale of Bond and Tragedy

YUKON, Okla. — The bond between the legendary actor in cowboy roles, Dale Robertson, and his chestnut quarter horse, Jubilee, was one of glue. Inseparable by all means was the company they made for each other. But, for all those years together, disaster struck in 1972 when Jubilee was killed at a rodeo performance in Oklahoma. The loss of Jubilee left a profound impact on Robertson, who often referred to the majestic horse as his “best friend.”

Now, it looks as if decades later, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, as the legend of Dale Robertson lives on. Lately, his son Chris Robertson shared the upliftment and joy that Jubilee is going through, giving hope to the fans and well-wishers.

Chris Robertson, with great affection for the valued equine member of his father, said the legacy of Jubilee would live on and never be forgotten by a new generation of fans of the great animal. He shared around the world that they are going to put up a Jubilee Legacy Program—a kind of initiative to keep the amazing journey of Jubilee’s legacy and that of Dale Robertson alive.

Chris Robertson—the Robertson family in tribute to the incredible contribution of Jubilee as an assistant to Dale and a pillar of resilience and determination. There is indeed plenty for all the fans related to horses and western heritage to indulge in the Jubilee Legacy Program, starting with educational workshops and finishing up with charity projects, together with equestrian events of all kinds.

Chris Robertson revealed plans for a special Jjson the spot where they would like to build the dedicated Jubilee Memorial at the Robertson Family Ranch in Yukon, Oklahoma. The said memorial will be erected and always remembers that it was Jubilee and the lifetime loyalty Dale Robertson had for his horse.

The Jubilee Legacy Programme epitomizes a poignant epoch in the legacy of Dale Robertson, ensuring his imprinting spirit within the world of horsemanship and western culture for time eternal. In the words of Chris Robertson, “The spirit of Jubilee lives on, inspiring future generations to embrace the values of courage, compassion, and camaraderie.”

Who Was Jubilee?

Jubilee, a striking chestnut quarter horse, held a special place in Dale Robertson’s heart. Purchased in the early 1960s, Jubilee became a constant presence in Robertson’s life and career, often seen on film sets and promotional materials.

To know more about the Jubilee Legacy Program and stay updated with the enduring legacy of Dale Robertson, visit the Dale Robertson Foundation official website.

In loving memory to the man and his horse, Dale Robertson and Jubilee, may they never stop short of the finish line but keep right on running as their legacy continues to gallop through time’s sands and finds its place in the sun on the hearts of the loved Wild West.

Remembering Dale Robertson: A Tribute to a Cowboy Legend and his Faithful Companion.

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