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What Happened To John Hickey Wnep

What Happened To John Hickey Wnep

Hello, Northeastern Pennsylvania! Ready for a Treat! Remember John Hickey, the smiling face that brought a shine to your evening with his weather forecasts on WNEP? Well, hold onto your umbrellas because he’s making a comeback that’s sure to bring sunshine to your days.

Following a relatively brief hiatus—one that had plenty of folks asking where their favorite weatherman was off to—John Hickey is back at it at WNEP. He returns to the station as they bring the latest on all things weather.

So, what in the world had John running in the first place? Details are a little sketchy at this point, but it seems he may have lost a little ground due to personal reasons. Now, he is back and better than ever, looking for a way to rebuild that contact with the community he has known and loved.

So what does that mean for you, the viewer? Well, it means be ready to get the factual, detailed forecasts that you’ve come to trust from John once again. From planning a picnic in the park to figuring out whether you really need to shovel out from another three inches of snow, John has you covered with the perfect blend of precision and background.

But that’s not all. John’s return was an affirmation of the reminder of that special bond between a beloved meteorologist and his loyal audience—a constant local reminder of that special bond, in a humble yet very powerful way.

So, if you miss the friendly face of John and catching a look at what the weather will be, do not worry—he has returned right here where he should be on WNEP. Welcome him back with open arms.

Keep up with the weather and the latest forecast by friending WNEP on social media or visiting our website. Welcome back, John. We are thrilled to welcome you home to the Northeastern.