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What happened to kim gravels mouth

What happened to kim gravels mouth

Kim Gravel’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Bell’s Palsy with Courage

Kim Gravel, the bubbly and high-energy personality on QVC, had just experienced one of the hardest things in life: Bell’s palsy.

This was such a diagnosis that brought absolutely unexpected changes in her appearance and huge emotional as well as physical challenges. However, recently, Kim Gravel has shown exceptional resilience and strength in order to navigate through this tough chapter of her life. At the start of the journey, Kim Gravel shared with them her diagnosis of Bell’s palsy, speaking openly about the condition and how it affects awareness.

Kim’s condition is Bell’s palsy, in which one side of the mouth raises, causing facial droopiness, and the person suffers difficulty even when doing the simplest of things, such as talking and eating. Certainly, the diagnosis did bring some initial shock and feelings of depression for Kim Gravel but not to be one who would take Bell’s palsy as a definition of herself. In fact, she would meet the journey with courage and grace that would help inspire thousands of others facing similar challenges.

The fact that Kim was again to launch another beauty brand with her condition shows that in all, she dared to do something and chased her dream. Since then, Kim GrjsonGravel has been receiving an outpouring of love and support after breaking her silence and sharing the news with fans and followers, who admire her strength and honesty.

Kim has in her own way bridged and laid a clear path for others who are also affected by this same condition to feel that they have somewhere to reach out and share their experiences because of what she went through.

Most often due to inflammation of the facial nerve, Bell’s palsy is generally viral in nature with variations in its severity and duration. Though recovery from Bell’s palsy may take up to six months, proactive medical intervention and timely treatment provide better results.

Treatment in Bell’s palsy with corticosteroids, antivirals, physical therapy, acupuncture, or Botox injections only helps take care of symptoms and does not interfere with an acute insult of the muscles in the face. Though surgery is not recommended for Bell’s palsy due to its associated risks, in some cases, it can be done. In the end, this will be a journey with Bell’s Palsy that Kim Gravel took to be another powerful reminder of just how powerful the human spirit can be in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Through her openness and courageous sharing of her story, she has touched and brought new hope to the lives of so many who face challenges of similar nature.

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