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What Happened To Kyle Horn?

What Happened To Kyle Horn?

Kyle Horn, the Wild Boy from Roseville: Back in Action After a Legal Ordeal

That life went from bad to worse in 2017 when his friend, Matthew Benjamin Small, was murdered in Heritage Park, Adrian. Kyle then pleaded guilty but mentally ill to second-degree murder and related charges in January and was given a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole. The incident has aroused frustration and sadness in the family and the community.

In the last few days, after years of legal and personal troubles, Kyle Horn was once again thrust into the limelight, thereby opening a new chapter in his life.

Well, lately, since he came back, Kyle has been all over the creative scene. He is spotted in collaborations with other artists, hints at moving into new film ventures, among other prospects, and shares bits of his life on social media.

Throughout his ordeal, Kyle has had unwavering support from his members of the family, including his sister, Roen Horn, in whom he obviously supports. In this case, whether they work them out together or on their own, they stand united in their struggles and emerging stronger.

Kyle is now back in the film world in which he first excelled as a teller of tales. Now all the hypes are going on around yet another project, which will have audiences sitting on the edge of their seats. Through Kyle’s recovery, fans and supporters alike draw inspiration, seeing his journey as a story of resilience.

While the details of exactly what Horn has been up to remain hush-hush, one thing is now clear as day: he’s back with a vengeance.

For those who might want to catch a glimpse of this Kyle Horn journey:

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