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What happened to les feldick daughter

What happened to les feldick daughter

The world of biblical teachings and spiritual enlightenment has been dealt a major blow following the loss of Laura Feldick, the daughter of Christian minister Les Feldick. Laura gave in to complications of her quadriplegic condition on October 15, 2017. After losing their daughter, Laura Feldick, it was such an emotional moment for Les Feldick and his wife, Iris.

Despite all the suffering, Les and Iris find solace in the belief that one day they will again reunite with Laura in heaven. The loss has spawned reflections on the legacy of strength and resilience that Laura leaves in her wake.

Les Feldick Ministries is dedicated to helping the believer to walk through the Word with a fresh, lively focus of rightly dividing the Scriptures. The importance of understanding Paul’s Gospel for the Church Age is underlined as being given in I Corinthians 15:1-4. Grace and Redemption, this message remains central to Les Feldick’s teachings.

Of major biblical distinction in the ministry teachings is the distinction between Paul’s Gospel and Jesus’ Kingdom Gospel. The teachings of Jesus apply to the Gospel of the Kingdom, which the teachings of Paul are strictly for the Church Age, marked in II Peter 3:15-16 and Matthew 9:35.

Iris Feldick even goes so far as to provide a recipe for a pineapple-upside-down cake as a gesture of the hospitality and kindheartedness with which the Feldick family is.

The ministry also had complaints about the unauthorized resale of their book “Questions and Answers from the Bible.” Supporters are cautioned to be on the lookout for exorbitant prices on online bookstores and urged to get their materials directly from the ministry.

Les Feldick Ministries broke out to meet more of the viewers’ needs with new updates on the programs’ schedules. Audiences can, for instance, watch Les Feldick teaching from the home on WGN America, with changes in time when it comes to the ION viewers. The other special is the “Reinforcing Right Division.” It is a one-hour recording from Les Feldick’s home, which gets its first exclusive peek into the teachings of this ministry.
As we consider these recent turns of events, we also pay tribute to the memory of Laura Feldick. Her legacy of strength, resiliency, and unswerving faith continues to lift everyone who knew her.