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What happened to opie’s mother

What happened to opie’s mother

Hey, all you Andy Griffith Show fans! Did you ever wonder why Opie’s mom was never around? Here are some interesting takes on one of the most enduring mysteries of The Andy Griffith Show. You’re about to be clued in.

All right, but then what happened to Opie’s mother, that figure only alluded to and not developed in the series? Recent revelations put some rays of light on this enigmatic character to tell her story; to give answers to fans who have been asking this long-standing question.

In one of the episodes of The Danny Thomas Show, Opie’s father, Andy Taylor, breaks to reveal something awfully sad about his wife. He says, “His maw, his maw. He ain’t got no maw. She died when he wasn’t but the least little speck of a baby.” This is a very truthful revelation which shows the reason for Opie’s mother’s absence to be a tragedy.

Ideas for her dying have ranged from dying in childbirth to leaving shortly after Opie was born. However, that deeply personal aspect of his life was always closely guarded by Andy Griffith’s character, the lovable Andy Taylor.

Now with this new information surfacing, fans can finally understand Opie’s formative years and some of the rigors Andy had to face as a single parent. His loss at so young an age almost certainly molded the lives they led and the relationship between father and son.

While Opie’s mother may have been conspicuously missing, she certainly had an impact on the characters and storyline. Her remembrance is carried through the tender allusions and through the love Andy has for his son, creating perhaps one of the most beautiful and lasting legacies within The Andy Griffith Show.

And while we are all busy making our way through this fascinating tidbit, we do get to witness just what the interaction might have been between Andy and Opie, being reared up in such a situation. Being motherless, Opie certainly reminds us of how hard and tough the Taylor family can get.

Those who would like to learn a lot more about The Andy Griffith Show and its characters can log into classic episodes or into online forums where devotees continue to exchange comments regarding the timelessness of this classic show.

Though the mystery of Opie’s mother had been solved, the absence of her presence was not wasted on fans as it brought to mind the timeless themes that make the series a favorite classic—love, loss, and family.


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