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What happened to Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters

What happened to Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters

Poppy and Ben’s Journey on LEGO Masters: Overcoming Health Challenges

So, if you are watching LEGO Masters, you would probably wonder what happened to Poppy and Ben in the show. Well, sneak through for those details and also get to know about their latest outing. That would be during the high-octane fourth season of LEGO Masters, with both herself and Ben showing off their building and design skills within the team in a field full of other talented contestants. But fate wasn’t always going to smile at them, and certainly, Poppy did become ill while they were filming the fifth episode. Despite their determination to continue, Poppy’s health concerns became too significant to ignore.

In fact, she had to pull out of the competition for some health reasons that she kept undisclosed, and her fans really missed her.

As Ben, another contestant in the show and Poppy’s teammate, would go on to describe in his Instagram post, the reason Poppy couldn’t afford the right time of quarantine was that the schedule was shooting so packed. At the same time, he subtly noted how it brought extra weight with the complications of negotiating health issues with the series. But this had a silver lining: ever since, Poppy has bounced back and is doing well.

A short stay, most certainly a disappointment to Poppy and Ben, in LEGO Masters for the duo saw them eliminated, but they still expressed their appreciation of the platform and getting to work with other big builders.

The journey of Poppy and Ben from Lego Masters was not that easy. One of the winning duos in the series with their exceptional creative skills, this grandfather and grandson also depicted their talents by winning in the third week of the competition.

However, their early departure had not left them with departing from making their mark on the show or their passion to build with LEGO bricks. Even the show, which had no real details of why they left, did anybody know that tight production schedules really do rule reality television. Unforeseen health issues, most especially in highly competitive shows like LEGO Masters, just epitomize the worst nightmare in reality.

Poppy and Ben did not make it in the running for the title since they left early in the running of the series, but their story stands as one of the most inspiring and empowering ever to come out of the LEGO Masters community. Host Will Arnett addressed their absence during Episode 6, acknowledging their departure due to health reasons.

In summary, Poppy and Ben’s journey on LEGO Masters may have been cut short, but their impact and creativity live on. While we wait for the return of LEGO Masters, there is quite much that one can get from Ben and Poppy on bouncing back when life gives you lemons. Catch up with LEGO Masters on their official channels and social media.