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What happened to Shadman

What happened to Shadman

Shadman: A Controversial Cartoonist’s Recent Turbulence

Amidst a huge world of online artistry and controversy, one name stands out from many: Shadman, also identified as Shaddai Prejean. The artist has recently been in the headlines not for his controversial illustrations. Let’s take a deeper look into recent events surrounding Shadman and his rollercoaster journey.

Background: Who is Shadman

Shadman is his nickname, real name Mohammad Ali Shadman, born November 24, 1996, at Ilam, Iran. He is a Swiss artist that carries his work with explicit sexual contents and controversy. Most of his work tends to push the boundaries of sexual content; in most cases, either the female fictional characters or real-life figures are highly sexualized.

Recent Events: A Rollercoaster Ride
In 2021, the life of Shadman has been a roller coaster. He was arrested on October 21, 2021, in Los Angeles for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. This follows in his online persona, most times posting pictures of himself with guns and knives.

Fans’ Gripe: Where Is Shadman?

Following the arrest, Shadman’s online behavior began to take a worrying and erratic turn. Fans noted how he had decreased activity on his over 300K-subscriber strong YouTube channel, and soon, rumors of his well-being circulated among online communities.

Speculation and Allegations

Most followers were all concerned that Shadman was going through some issues with regard to substance abuse and mental health. Some think that he has gone mad and that it has affected his relations, and that his erratic behavior has been affected.

Much controversy surrounds the type of work Shadman puts out there. The allegations of drawing underage girls in sexually suggestive ways have led to litigation against him. His arrest for assault with a deadly weapon only added to the troubled narrative.

Aftermath: A Puzzling Online Existence

Despite the legal troubles and rumors about his current mental condition, Shadman has been keeping up with posting his artwork on Twitter. But fans notice that his posts are erratic and quite incoherent, which creates concern about his well-being.


A Complex Figure Shadman’s past, full of turbulence and controversy, goes from his provocative art to legal troubles and concerning online behavior. All that the fans have to work with is speculation on their part about the future and how his fate will pan out. For those interested in following Shadman’s condition or more of his art, his Twitter is still up and live, though it’s being updated on varying regularities.

Disclaimer: The above information is sourced from the public domain and could vary due to a developing situation.


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