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What happened to sobe drinks

What happened to sobe drinks

Hey folks, Spider Jerusalem here, ready to dish out the latest scoop from the shadows of corporate drama.

Remember SoBe drinks? Those tasty treats that disappeared out of the blue? Well, guess what? They’re back!

After leaving fans high and dry, SoBe has made a surprise comeback. But what caused their sudden vanishing act?

Let’s go back. SoBe, born in 1995, was a hit with college kids and drink enthusiasts alike. In 2000, PepsiCo grabbed them up, hoping to add more options to their non-fizzy drink lineup.

But then things got tough. SoBe found itself in a showdown with Amazon Iced Tea and Snapple, especially with Amazon’s $0.99 deals stealing the spotlight.

People whispered all sorts of theories about why SoBe disappeared. Some blamed COVID-19, others said it was just changing tastes.

But forget the past because SoBe is back, baby! Whether you missed the tropical punch of Pina Colada or the kick of Citrus Energy, SoBe’s got you covered.

Where can you find these drinks? Well, SoBe’s website is still up and running, so head on over and satisfy that thirst.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. Until next time, this is Spider Jerusalem, signing off.