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What Happened To Storme Warren

What Happened To Storme Warren

The question on what happened to Storme Warren has been a hot one lately for people who love country music radio. Storme Warren has been that household name, a voice of trust for the longest time. However, recent happenings have caused a lot of people to ask themselves what happened to Storme Warren and where he could have gone. But fear not, because Storme Warren is back and ready to rock the airwaves once again!

It was just last month when Storme Warren left SiriusXM after a spectacular 15-year run that had people on the edge wondering what would happen with their favorite morning show. Speculation was rife; some asked, “Had Storme picked something up? Had there been anything else involved?

But now, the mystery is solved. Storme Warren has reappeared, this time as the lead host for Garth Brooks’s highly anticipated new radio station, Big 615. This directly signals to fresh takes in his career by bringing his ultimate voice to a completely different set of people.

“Big 615” is just one of many channels that Garth Brooks plans to launch, so viewers better brace up for more. Spearheaded by Storme Warren, “Big 615” brings along with it his love and passion for country music and his envy-evoking hosting skills—an immaculate concoction for an experience far from the ordinary.

Those who were wondering what to make of Storme’s departure from SiriusXM can rest easy: he has found the perfect station to harbor his skills and interests. His departure might have left fans empty in the airwaves, but with his return, country music fans are promised that “he” will be back.

Now, with Storme Warren’s return, the fans can cue up fresh excitement for the same high-octane energy and insightful banter that made him a household name. His around-the-world takes to the airwaves provide something for every listener to love at some point on Big 615.

Making the announcement of his new role during a press conference in Nashville, Storme Warren thanked Garth Brooks and his team for an opportunity he described as “Huge.” Warren, accompanied by the country music superstar, sounded very excited speaking about the task ahead for Big 615.

Listeners can find Warren this week and every week beyond on Big 615 on TuneIn, to catch all the action. With Warren on the radio, the future of country music and its airwaves would definitely have to look more promising than ever.

So, this one is for Storme Warren: Welcome back to the airwaves, sir! Your fans missed you like crazy, and we can’t wait to see just what kind of trouble you’re going to stir up this time.