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What happened to susan opferman

What happened to susan opferman

Susan Opferman, the former principal of Webb Bridge Middle School in Georgia, has been at the center of controversy after a video from 2016 resurfaced online. The video captured a confrontation between Opferman and janitor Jonathan Holley, who was reprimanded for leaving work 8 minutes early.

The incident, which went viral again in 2023, showed Opferman criticizing Holley for leaving early, despite his explanation that he was scheduled to come in early the next day. Opferman’s actions in the video led to widespread criticism, with many calling for her to be fired.

However, it was revealed that Opferman had already resigned from her position in May 2016 for reasons unrelated to the video. Despite this, the resurfacing of the video reignited discussions about Opferman’s behavior and the treatment of school staff.

Since her resignation in 2016, Opferman has remained out of the public eye and has not engaged with the media. Her departure from Webb Bridge Middle School marked the end of her tenure there.

The incident involving Opferman and Holley has sparked conversations about workplace dynamics and the treatment of employees. Many have praised Holley and the janitorial staff, questioning the severity of reprimanding someone for leaving a few minutes early.

Opferman’s resignation and the fallout from the video serve as a reminder of the impact of viral content and the scrutiny public figures face in the digital age.

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