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What Happened To Ted Beneke

What Happened To Ted Beneke

Ted Beneke, the character from Breaking Bad known for his financial fraud and entanglement with the White family, faced a mysterious fate at the end of the series.

Ted Beneke, the hapless former president of Beneke Fabricators, returns following years of being away following an injury that had left him paralyzed. During the last season of the hit show “Breaking Bad,” Beneke ended up suffering severe neck trauma after he fell while trying to escape repaying hundreds of thousands in unpaid taxes. His financial trouble and shady dealing all ended up with him involved with the criminal underworld in Albuquerque.

When his ex-employee and one-time lover Skyler White discovers some discrepancies in the books of Beneke Fabricators, she confronts him about cooking the books in order to keep the company alive. Even when the IRS came calling, Beneke stubbornly refused to pay and even roped Skyler in for more falsifications in the records. His stubborn refusal even roped Skyler in for more falsifications in the records. This risky tax evasion ended up bringing about a domino effect that had Beneke take a crippling fall, ultimately leading to extended hospitalization. For years, his fate remained uncertain as viewers watched Walter White’s empire continue to unfold.

But in a striking turnaround, Beneke has come back with a new project: a memoir of his remarkable story of recovery, tentatively titled “Broken but Not Beaten.” The book promises to take the reader behind the scenes as Beneke defied the odds, battling to regain mobility and independence after his injuries. It will follow his intense rehab process and retell his battle with isolation when his forged activities were discovered.

While plot details are being kept under wraps, the memoir is sure to be a big topic of conversation for the rabid ‘Breaking Bad’ fanbase. For years, die-hard fans have speculated about what ultimately befell Ted following the dramatic events that left him bedridden in season four.

“Broken but Not Beaten” is set to hit the shelves this fall, and you can get the full scoop straight from the source. In the meantime, follow @TedBenekeOfficial on Twitter, where the comeback is already in the works.