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Who is missav?

Who is missav?

The punk-pop princess we’ve missed av is back! After years of facing severe health challenges, Avril Lavigne has triumphantly returned to the music scene, reigniting the spark that made us fall in love with her rebellious spirit in the first place.

In 2014, Lavigne’s career got here to an abrupt halt while she become struck through a misdiagnosed case of Lyme disease. For the following few years, the “Complicated” singer fought a grueling war, her devoted fans left thinking if their favourite edgy famous person might ever grace the degree once more.

But now, @_avrilwilson has defied the chances, roaring returned with her first album seeing that 2013’s self-titled launch. “Love Sux,” released in February 2022, showcases Lavigne’s signature blend of ambitious lyrics and excessive-electricity pop-punk anthems. Songs like “Bite Me” prove she hasn’t lost an ounce of the mindset that made her a household name.

The effect of Lavigne’s perseverance can’t be overstated. By sharing her harrowing journey, she has raised important attention about Lyme sickness even as inspiring others battling continual illnesses. Her comeback has reignited the “missav” craze, with enthusiasts ecstatic to welcome again their liked rebellion.

Where are you able to trap greater of this rejuvenated rockstar? Lavigne has hit the street for a large world excursion, giving audiences a hazard to enjoy her new song live. You can also observe her ultra-modern updates on Instagram (@avrillavigne) and different social systems.

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